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When the wise men went searching for Jesus at his birth, it was the star in the east that led them to Jesus Christ (Matthew 2:9). New Rising Star Church is located in the Eastlake Community on the Eastside of Birmingham, AL. We are THE STAR in the east that leads people to Jesus Christ. We desire to see Heaven grow bigger through the salvation of mankind. We also desire to see oppressed people have equal opportunity for a better quality of life on earth. For this reason, we develop our community through education, financial literacy, workforce development, housing, recreation, and the church.



New Rising Star's efforts in the area of education thus far include: early childhood learning center (6 weeks-4 years old), a summer enrichment camp (200 plus kids), a spring break enrichment camp (75 plus kids), an after school enrichment program (60 plus kids), and an OSR AL State Certified Pre-K Classroom. These efforts are driven by the New Rising Star Community Support Corporation (



-New Rising Star's efforts in the area of finance include the New Rising Star Community Development Federal Credit Union "" who's mission is to put ALL Pay Day LENDERS out of business. The NRSCDFCU offers the same products and services as other financial institutions without predatory lending.



-New Rising Star's efforts in the area of workforce development include Connect4Careers (, a job resource fair that invites 50 plus employers who have at least one immediate job opening. New Rising Star Church also partners with Work Faith Birmingham ( to train individuals who are unemployed and underemployed for job readiness.



-New Rising Star's efforts in the area of housing include buying houses in the Eastlake, Brown Springs, and Gate City areas and renovating these houses for affordable income based housing (



-New Rising Star's efforts in the area of recreation include all of the programs and supportive services through our Family Life Center.



-New Rising Star Church serves alongside other churches on the Eastside of Birmingham, AL to share the gospel of Jesus Christ for the purpose of knowing Christ and making him known to the world, with 3 weekend services and 2 midweek services.

All New Rising Star's efforts stem from Dr. Thomas Beavers' continued vision to turn dilapidated communities into developed communities. In addition to New Rising Star Church's community development efforts, they lead several ministry outreaches, such as Operation East. This outreach gives away FREE Food ($80,000 in retail value), FREE Clothes, and FREE Healthcare every year to the residents of East Birmingham, Alabama.



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